Signs of Diabetes in Women

Women need to pay close attention to their bodies. They have the challenge of dealing with shifts in hormonal balance throughout their lifetime. In addition, wives and mothers are generally under a great deal of stress, juggling family, work, and various obligations. They are so busy taking care of everyone else that they may ignore the signs of diabetes in women.

The signs of diabetes in women may be mistaken for other health problems. A woman may become extremely thirsty and hungry yet begin to lose weight. Frequent urination is another indicator. Other signs of diabetes in women include having fatigue and blurred vision. Numbness or a tingling sensation in the hands and feet are signs of diabetes in women. Other common symptoms include having more infections or sores that will not heal. The busy woman is likely to brush off these warning signals because she has too much to do. However, any woman experiencing these symptoms should make an appointment to see the doctor. It is much better to be safe rather than sorry when there are signs of diabetes in women.

Women more at risk should especially be aware of signs of diabetes in women. Being overweight, having high blood pressure, and high cholesterol can increase the likelihood of developing diabetes. In addition, Asian and African-American women are higher at risk and should recognize signs of diabetes in women. Those who are over 45 or have had a history of heart attack and stroke are more prone to diabetes as well.

Signs of diabetes in women are serious indicators and mean it is time to take them seriously. An appointment should be made with the physician for a thorough examination, tests for diabetes, and a discussion about the problems that are being experienced. Changes in lifestyle can often combat the signs of diabetes in women. Women can become more active, make better choices in their eating habits, and avoid sugars. Medication is often the answer for signs of diabetes in women. For concerned individuals who want to avoid signs of diabetes in women, prevention is key. Women need to stay active and should exercise at least three days a week. However, daily exercise is best. Staying fit will maintain cardiovascular health and keep cholesterol down. Another benefit is maintaining a healthy weight. Those who fear signs of diabetes in women should follow a balanced meal plan that avoids too much sweets, fatty foods, and carbohydrates. Making conscious efforts early in life can avoid signs of diabetes in women.

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